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The Athletic Profile Test is a unique Warrior Athletic Profile which looks at 9 sports specific genes. Warrior Roots will take your DNA and run it through our W.A.P. to give you information on your specific athletic genes. Doing so will grant you insight into such traits as your body�s ability to build strength vs. aerobic performance, as well as other factors like VO2 max, fatigue factors and much more. Ultimately we are all an expression of certain genes that play a major role in defining our physical potential.

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The 9 sport specific genes that Warrior Roots examines are listed below along with their associated performance attributes:

   1. Power and Fatigue = ACTN3
   2. Lactate levels = MCT1
   3. VO2max = HIF1
   4. Body Fat = ADRB2
   5. Strength = DIO1-D1a
   6. Strength = DIO1-D1b
   7. Exercise Blood Pressure = NOS3
   8. Aerobic Fitness = PPARGC1A
   9. Muscle Efficiency = ACE

Many professional athletes have used Warrior Roots athletic panel to sharpen their skills. Top MMA contender Shane Carwin had this to say about Warrior Root’s WAP:

"Warrior Roots is simply amazing, after getting my DNA results back for my athletic panel things made more sense to me on how my body performs. Now with these results I can put more effort in utilizing my strengths to counter my weaknesses.
A must for anyone wanting to take it to the next level!" + Shane Carwin

The demands of sport such as Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) include:

  • Acceleration
  • Using upper body strength
  • Changing direction
  • Short sprints or explosions
  • Fast striding
  • Rapid recovery

The ability to interchange between any of these activities on demand is critical. As a result, all of the energy-producing systems within the body are placed under a certain degree of stress, and thus a MMA athlete needs to be an all-round athlete. "Life at the cellular level might be defined as a network of integrated and carefully regulate metabolic pathways, each contributing to the sum of activities a person must carry out in order to achieve peak performance."

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